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Every business needs to have high quality leads. For this reason that at Markethy Media we prioritize lead generation as a fundamental tool to create a development strategy. We look after our customer`s needs: find clear opportunities and their investment is reflected in the short-term results.


We help you to increase the sales opportunities of your business through the correct application of digital marketing




1. Creation of the Offer

Every company needs to have quality opportunities, in order to attract these leads it is necessary to establish a clear and achievable offer.

2. Call to Action

We love this strategy because it helps us to obtain response from high quality leads. In addition, it is necessary to use a CTA (Call to Action), since a website or profile without this function is incomplete.


3. Landing page

We create a space where high value opportunities can obtain direct information about the offer. This allow us to demonstrate transparency and confidence that it is a honest service or product.

4. Valuable data

Value data is our objective in terms of obtaining quality leads, since when carefully reviewing all the information that has been received, it is necessary to identify which are the opportunities with high potential to continue with the final goal that is to specify a sale.

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